Conduct Risk

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has made it clear that conduct risk is on its agenda. This means that managing these risks is a requirement for all businesses regulated by it.

There is, however, no clear definition of what conduct risk means. The purpose of this module is to give you an understanding of what the term means. You will also see how this links to the principle of treating customers fairly.

The FCA expects businesses to embed the management and control of conduct risk into their organisations. This conduct risk e-learning course will allow you to take a look at what this means to you by examining eight areas of consideration.

Watch this video for a quick overview of our Conduct Risk course.


Who is it for?

This training is a regulatory requirement for all businesses that operate within the UK. It’s also practical learning for those people who deal with businesses in the UK. Therefore, this course is for you!

Why study this course?

To put it simply, you’ll ensure your compliance with the regulatory principles of Conduct Risk. With this course:

  • You’ll understand conduct risk as a regulatory principle
  • You’ll help ensure personal compliance with conduct risk
  • You’ll be able to identify and manage the risk to your customers
  • You’ll know how to balance the needs of the business with the needs of customers
  • You’ll understand your obligations as a manager/employee
  • You’ll improve general compliance within your organisation
  • You’ll help to develop a compliance culture within your organisation
  • You’ll help your company avoid potentially costly litigation and fines

Key facts

Average course duration: 1 hour. Course content broken down as follows:
  • It’s an online e-learning short course
  • Containing two interactive modules
  • Blending text, graphics and images
  • Get downloadable worksheets and factsheets
  • Regular on-going testing as you progress
  • A full final assessment with certification

Price: GBP 25.00

Why study with ICM?

Practical courses - This course is designed to help you in the real business world, giving you practical skills that you can quickly and easily implement in the workplace.

Interactive and engaging - Learning doesn’t have to be boring. This multi-media course is designed to keep you engaged throughout.

Step-by-step learning - This course is broken down into easy to manage bite-size chunks. From start to finish we take you on an enjoyable learning journey.

Certificated courses - Employers recognise hard work and you will be awarded an official ICM certificate upon successful completion of your course.

Course content

  • 1What Conduct Risk means

    Developing an understanding of the concept of Conduct Risk as outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    • Find out what is meant by Conduct Risk, which is used as a fairly loose term by the FCA, but is centred around ensuring a customer-focused approach
    • Learn how conduct risk links to the principle of fair customer treatment
    • Consider what is involved in embedding the management and control of conduct risks into an organisation
  • 2Conduct Risk Management

    Identifying and managing conduct risk and ensuring that your organisation is compliant by embedding risk assessments and using a simple process of identification.

    • Learn the importance of placing the customer at the centre of conduct risk management
    • Identify what is involved in a simple four phase conduct risk management cycle
    • Learn how to use our simple spreadsheet to help you to manage the four phases of the conduct risk management cycle