Presentation Skills

No one likes boring presentations. And a bad presentation can actually damage your career. But that’s the bad news. The good news is if you become a great presenter, doors will open for you. Good presentation skills help you better lead teams. They help you win sales pitches or get that big promotion. A good presentation can secure vital investment for your business.

If you want to be successful in business, it’s highly likely you’ll have to present to an audience. This course will make sure you approach this difficult task in a structured, logical and effective way.

Watch this video for a quick overview of our Presentation Skills course.


Who is it for?

Anyone that might need to present, including;

  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Business development
  • Sales staff

Why study this course?

Whether it’s presenting new information to your team, or conducting a more formal presentation to win business or get a job, being able to present well is a vital skill.

  • You’ll plan, create and deliver presentations in a more structured way
  • You’ll create presentations that have greater visual impact
  • You’ll be able to deliver presentations with greater confidence
  • You’ll become a more effective and persuasive communicator
  • You’ll be more able to influence your audience’s behaviour
  • You’ll deliver presentations that are more memorable and effective
  • You’ll be better able to impress your boss or win those big clients

Key facts

Average course duration: 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Course content broken down as follows:
  • It’s an online e-learning course
  • Eight interactive modules
  • Blending text, graphics, images and videos
  • Get downloadable worksheets, video transcripts and factsheets
  • Regular on-going testing as your progress

Price: GBP 20.00

Why study with ICM?

Practical courses - This course is designed to help you in the real business world, giving you practical skills that you can quickly and easily implement in the workplace.

Interactive and engaging - Learning doesn’t have to be boring. This multi-media course is designed to keep you engaged throughout.

Step-by-step learning - This course is broken down into easy to manage bite-size chunks. From start to finish we take you on an enjoyable learning journey.

Certificated courses - Employers recognise hard work and you will be awarded an official ICM certificate upon successful completion of your course.

Course content

  • 1Introduction to presentation skills

    • What are presentation skills and why are they important?
    • Are you making these presentation mistakes?
    • What 4 key things should you consider when planning your presentation?
  • 2Audience, message, objective

    • What’s the one thing you should consider before everything else?
    • Use the AUDIENCE mnemonic to remember key questions to be asked
    • Learn the 4 core types of business presentation
    • Understand the importance of objectives when planning a presentation
  • 3Preparing the content

    • Why should you give your presentation a headline, not a title?
    • Use the ABC method to structure your presentation
    • Take these 3 steps to creating content
    • Why writing down rubbish ideas may help you discover good ones
    • Learn how to logically structure your ideas
    • Discover the importance of using signposts
  • 4How will you present your content?

    • Describe three different presentation formats you can use
    • Understand why visual aids should not be the focus of the presentation
    • Discover tips for using presentation slides and flipcharts effectively
    • Learn ways to keep an audience engaged
  • 5Delivering your presentation

    • Learn the 5 communication skills that make your presentation stand out
    • Discover tips for overcoming nerves
    • Learn how to use F.E.A.R. to overcome fear
  • 6Business presentations

    • What are the 4 key elements of a successful presentation?
    • How to use the ‘elevator pitch’ to spark interest
    • Understand the power of storytelling
    • Learn the persuasive powers of AIDA
    • Learn why building trust is essential if you want to be seen as credible
  • 7Using presentation software

    • Get practical tips for using PowerPoint
    • How to use images in your presentation
    • Learn about the dangers of copyright infringement
    • Discover the benefits of using shapes, SmartArt and charts
    • Learn how to maintain a consistent design to improve your presentation
  • 8Presentation from start to finish

    • This brings together all your course learning
    • Get a step-by-step walkthrough in the planning and delivery of a presentation